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Upcoming Clinics & Seminars

Weekend Horse Shoeing And Trimming Class
August 6 - 8
Western Dressage Clinic
August 14 - 15
Read the Horse
September 11 - 12
Silver Supreme Workshop
September 27 - 29

Weekend Horse Shoeing And Trimming Class

One Class with Two Options:
Option One – Learn to Trim Only
Option Two – Learn to Trim and attach a shoe to the trim.


The Horse Handling segment prepares your horse for trimming and shoeing. A mapping system is used that takes all the guesswork out of what to trim and what to leave for each individual foot. This map also teaches you how to recognize distortion in the foot and the class will teach you how to properly address it. The result is comfort for your horse.


Instructors Dennis Cappel and Mike Walsh are there to ensure personal attention with limited students.


A Shoeing & Trimming Class is held each quarter (four times a year); Winter (February), Spring (April), Summer (August), and Fall (November).
Dates to be announced.


More information can be found under the Farrier page. Class details can be found by clicking the button below.
Shoeing and Trimming Options

Western Dressage Clinic

Feel total connection with your horse at the Western Dressage Clinic. This clinic will introduce you to body part control and softening techniques that will allow you to move your horse easily for the task at hand. You will learn how to read your horse visually and physically through feel, which will improve your timing for more effective  communicate with your horse. Prior to the clinic you will be provided information that will position you to progress through the clinic comfortably. We are excited to have you join in these two days that will open up new awareness, new friends, and new opportunities for you and your horse.


Clinic details can be found by clicking the button below.

Western Dressage Clinic Registration

Read the Horse

A workshop to raise your level of awareness in body language that the horse uses to express himself. The better you become at accurately reading the attitude of the horse as expressed  through his facial expressions, muscle tone, posture and foot movement the more fun you will have interacting with your horse. Saturday you will learn from Dennis as he reads four horses. Sunday, you will have your turn at reading four different horses and giving the reasons “why!”


Clinic details can be found by clicking the button below.
Read the Horse (Deposit)

Silver Supreme Workshop

Core Learning with Dennis

This unique three-day workshop is packed with learning opportunities and hands-on experiences.


Monday: Learn to Read your horse’s emotions, body parts and foot movement. Then apply to different scenarios to practice your skill of knowing what the horse is telling you. This is where you get your timing to do what next with your horse. All great horsemen know how to read their horse.


 Tuesday: Learn to “See it” on the ground so you can “Feel it” from their back. Dennis will teach you valuable ground work exercises that you will apply through an in hand course. Groundwork done with meaning and a deliberate purpose should transfer over to riding.


Wednesday: Learn to  “Feel” your horse beneath you while you perform  riding skills through an obstacle course. You now will  put the “See it” – “Feel it” – “Allow it”  process in motion as you ride with effective communication that you and your horse will enjoy with every ride.


Workshop details can be found by clicking the button below.

Silver Supreme Workshop (Deposit)