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Upcoming Events

Weekend Horseshoeing Class
February 17-19, 2023
Flag-Work Clinic
April 15th, 2023
Barefoot Trim Class
June 24, 2023

Weekend Horseshoeing Class

Date: February 17-19, 2023
For the amateur or  the professional.
Learn: Horse handling, Trimming using the
mapping system, Nailing the shoe and anatomy.
Bring your own horse (preferred option if possible), or use one of ours for an additional fee!
Price: $750
Deposit: $100
Deposit ($100)

Flag-Work Clinic

Date: April 15th, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM

This Flag Clinic will build confidence for you and your horse. Learn how to position a horse to work the flag so that it becomes a prelude to working cattle. Enjoy accomplishing body part control. This task will improve your horses willingness to do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it. This is a fun task for any horse and rider to do together!

Price: $200

Early Bird Price: $175

Flag-Work Clinic

Barefoot Trim Class

Date: June 24th
Learn proper balance using the mapping system to determine the bone alignment for your horse’s soundness, performance and longevity.
Also enjoy the horse handling session to get any horse to stand still so you can do your best work.
Class is limited, put your deposit in today!
Time: 10:00-5:00
Price: $500
Deposit: $100
Location: Cappel Training & Shoeing
Tools not included, contact Dennis for reference
Lunch: Brown Bag
More details to follow with your deposit.
Deposit ($100)