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Cappel Farrier Services

Dennis, an accomplished  trainer, farrier and competitor himself knows what balance should look and feel like for a horse.

Due to popular interest from others wanting to learn this artist skill of doing their own horses or making it a career; in 1993  Dennis founded the Weekend ( 3 day) Horseshoeing Classes in and since has added a one day barefoot trim class.

All classes include horse handling, trimming using the mapping system and if you choose shoeing class, nailing on the shoe.


Upcoming Dates

Horseshoeing Class Dates

February 17-19th

August 25-27th

Barefoot Trim

Barefoot Trim: June 24th

Ready to get started? Click here to download class registration and details.

  • Shoeing registration Here
  • Shoeing Class schedule, tools & lodging Here
  • Barefoot Trim registration Here
  • Barefoot Class schedule and tools here

Not able to attend an in-person class? We’ve got you covered! Check out the online barefoot trimming and the balanced shoeing courses, both are a sequence of short videos to simplify each step for your success ~ Dennis is only a message away for any questions you may have!


Click here to view our Barefoot trimming course.

Click here to view our Balanced Shoeing course.

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Farrier School 2023 Dates

Weekend Horseshoeing

February 17-19

Barefoot Trim

June 24

Weekend Horseshoeing

August 25-27

Don’t see a date that fits your availability? Contact us for private sessions or host
a class in your area. Your friends will “Thank you”.

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What Past Students Say

Honest praise from former clients.

Thank you!

We have grown our partnership with our horses, our own leadership skills, and our clarity about what we are asking of our equine partners.

Always learning,

The wisdom and skills that Dennis offers make me not only a more effective equestrian but a better human being!

Thank you so much for helping us get here!

We trailered to Indian Camp Creek this morning and had a wonderful three hour ride. It was such a blast and the fulfillment of so many dreams.

I am so excited for my next lesson,

I needed special help from someone who really knew mustangs and was the definition of a professional in all aspects of the word. After only one session with Dennis, Gabriel responded very well and is on the path to becoming the horse I have always dreamed of.

You put my concerns at ease,

I want to thank you for your patience, empathy and understanding during our visit. You put my concerns at ease, and showed that you cared as much about my horse's hoof health as I did. We went out this morning and enjoyed one of the most stress free rides we have had in a very long time. His stride has improved and his foxtrot is outstanding. - Outlaw and Victoria

Freedom shoes were an immediate relief.

Dennis put the freedom shoes on Smoke's front feet and immediately he let out a sign of relief and his eyes softened. Smoke was bearing weight on hoof and is now walking and has no limp, totally comfortable and a happy horse! Thank you! -Jeanne & Smoke

Thank you for the way you are presenting your new programs!

So, this morning we went out for a pasture ride by ourselves. I only took two things with me; a different attitude and my clear mental picture. She looked for her pasture buddy but listened to me! I kept my CMP and attitude shift with me the whole time and all went well.