Horsemanship Fundamentals

Training With Dennis

Training for a Solid Foundation

Dennis does his best to get the horse to do what he wants them to do. He does not train by forcing them to do what he has asked, but allowing them to do what he wants and not allowing them to not do it. 

Age Old saying: Right thing easy – Wrong thing difficult 

Right thing is what you want and that is also your “Clear Mental Picture.” Anything outside of it is met with resistance, to make that difficult.

Training with Dennis either monthly or by lessons, you can expect the following:

  • Establish a real relationship with your horse built on mutual Trust & Respect
  • Learn how to read a horse through facial expressions, body parts, muscle tone, emotions and foot movement
  • How to have body part control and the “why” that is so important to your success in any task or event
  • How to achieve softness, body alignment and proper self carriage
  • Gain confidence and improve your safety through your new found understanding when interacting with your horse.

What is the process? 

Training for a solid foundation starts on the ground with effectively reading the horse’s body language.

The better you become at this, the more efficient your time spent with your horse will be.

Horses use facial expression, muscle tone, posture and foot movement to communicate with.

The attitude and emotional state of mind a horse is in will also be very important to  accurately identify because it will determine “how” you interact with them.

On the ground we can use our  eyesight  to tell us what the horse is doing or getting ready to do. By reading the horse visually we know  to apply more or less pressure so we can get the horse to respond correctly to us.

One-on-One Options

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What Past Students Say

Honest praise from former clients.

Thank you!

We have grown our partnership with our horses, our own leadership skills, and our clarity about what we are asking of our equine partners.

Always learning,

The wisdom and skills that Dennis offers make me not only a more effective equestrian but a better human being!

Thank you so much for helping us get here!

We trailered to Indian Camp Creek this morning and had a wonderful three hour ride. It was such a blast and the fulfillment of so many dreams.

I am so excited for my next lesson,

I needed special help from someone who really knew mustangs and was the definition of a professional in all aspects of the word. After only one session with Dennis, Gabriel responded very well and is on the path to becoming the horse I have always dreamed of.

You put my concerns at ease,

I want to thank you for your patience, empathy and understanding during our visit. You put my concerns at ease, and showed that you cared as much about my horse's hoof health as I did. We went out this morning and enjoyed one of the most stress free rides we have had in a very long time. His stride has improved and his foxtrot is outstanding. - Outlaw and Victoria

Freedom shoes were an immediate relief.

Dennis put the freedom shoes on Smoke's front feet and immediately he let out a sign of relief and his eyes softened. Smoke was bearing weight on hoof and is now walking and has no limp, totally comfortable and a happy horse! Thank you! -Jeanne & Smoke

Thank you for the way you are presenting your new programs!

So, this morning we went out for a pasture ride by ourselves. I only took two things with me; a different attitude and my clear mental picture. She looked for her pasture buddy but listened to me! I kept my CMP and attitude shift with me the whole time and all went well.