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How to Get the Most From These Teachings

These are individual segments that will compliment each other. Take each sequence as it comes, go back, and revisit often. Each time you come back you will most likely catch something new.


As your level of awareness rises your ability to recognize truths will as well.


Lessons inside each course are kept brief and precise covering one area at a time, making it easier to understand.


Currently, private coaching is available by phone or Facetime for online students. Contact Cindy at for available sessions.


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Hoof Trimming

Learn horse handling techniques to help your horse be willing and comfortable during the trimming of their feet. Shown here are what tools you will need and how to effectively use them. Learn a mapping system to take the guesswork out of what needs to be trimmed and what needs to be left. This map also shows you how to balance the foot and how to recognize distortion and address it properly. This will position the foot for the best support of the internal structure of the feet and legs for maximum comfort and performance. Instructors are Dennis Cappel -- school founder, trainer and farrier -- and Mike Walsh, certified ELPO farrier specializing in hoof mapping.

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Trailer Loading

Load your horse easily and never get caught in a bind again. This step-by-step slideshow slows it down so you can achieve the timing that your horse needs to quietly load every time. This course includes the trailering slideshow and a one-time 20 minute coaching session with Dennis that can be conducted over a phone call or video call. In-person conversations are also available, but are purely reflective and will not involve any further training of the horse. If you choose this option, you will not bring your horse and trailer to the barn that day.

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Colt Starting Process

Do you want exclusive access to Dennis's proven colt starting method? If you order before October 1st, 2021, you will have special access to behind-the-scenes preparation before the official course launch.

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Current Training Video Subscription

Gain insight into real-time teaching with Dennis for one dollar a day! This 90-day recurring subscription offers access to eight videos in eight weeks that are current to training done at Cappel Training and Shoeing. Videos in this offer are exclusive to the website and subscribers view videos that are not available anywhere else! To keep you current, old videos are removed the end of each period.

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Connected Horsemanship

This course will assist in the development of a relationship between you and your horse where each of you have a role. First, you feel for your horse and recognize their mood and attitude. Then, you feel of your horse and utilize a combination of aids, such as where you are looking, upper body, hands, seat bones, and legs to direct energy through feel to your horse. Your horse then responds to you and offers a feel in return, either in agreement or resistance.

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Cappel Knowledge Pillars

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