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Essential Groundwork

This is part 2 of the Fundamental Horsemanship series and covers "Essential Groundwork" - Groundwork first performed with meaning from your eyesight will transfer over to the horse's back through feel. Establishing respect on the ground first will raise your horse's level of respect for you and will have them listening to your slightest direction.

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Barefoot Trim 2023

Includes start to finish of a trimmed foot including Horse Handling with trainer Dennis Cappel. The mapping system that will take the guesswork out of what to trim and what to leave. This system positions the foot for the best support of the internal structure of the feet and legs for comfort and performance. Recognizing and addressing distortion.
Instructor: Founder, Farrier, Trainer, Dennis Cappel
Desire hands on guidance? Trimming & Shoeing Classes held quarterly.

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Clear Mental Picture

This is part 1 of the Fundamental Horsemanship series. This course covers the "mindset for success" a rider needs - Dennis takes you through the developing of having and using a Clear Mental Picture. This is so you know what you want your horse to do so when it shows up, you know it. Without it you are just hoping things works out.

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Balanced Horseshoeing

Not all farriers are horse trainers! Dennis brings to you over 4 decades of unique perspective using the feel from a trainer's point of view to what has been done to the feet from the farrier's point of view. His conclusions will shave time off trail and error for your best results quickly. This unique course is a Step by step detailed process of over 20 videos including topics, tools, horse evaluation, trimming using the mapping system, shoe size selection, shoe shaping and nailing. This is a valuable reference tool that you could use to do your own shoeing to ensure your horse is comfortable on his feet, balanced for soundness, less stress minimizing injuries and improved performance.

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Think Like A Master Horseman

What does every great horseman have in common? How they "Think". Dennis and Cindy bring to you this guide to self study and skill practice. These 9 audio and download lessons with inspired tasks will set you up for a partnership that you and your horse will both enjoy! On completion of this course enjoy the surprise bonus!

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Canter Departure

In this course you will learn how to take the correct lead every time. You will know when they take the correct lead and "Why". Then your horse can repeat this. This will also help to make the horse more enjoyable to ride. And use the no-fail system to get your horse on the correct lead every time.

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Riding Skills

This is part 3 of the Fundamental Horsemanship series and covers "Riding Skills" - Communicate with your horse through feel with these basic skills you will use in any riding.

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Trailer Loading

Load your horse easily and never get caught in a bind again. This step-by-step slideshow slows it down so you can achieve the timing that your horse needs to quietly load every time. This course includes the trailering slideshow and a one-time 20 minute coaching session with Dennis that can be conducted over a phone call or video call. In-person conversations are also available, but are purely reflective and will not involve any further training of the horse. If you choose this option, you will not bring your horse and trailer to the barn that day.

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Colt Starting – 90 Days

Dennis starts all horses the same regardless of discipline and breed. Have you ever wanted to experience the feeling of accomplishment that comes with starting your own? This 90 day real time training course has been designed and created for those people. Dennis intentionally has slowed the process down to ensure your understanding and safety. It will build confidence, trust and respect in your horse, which are firm foundations needed for greatness.

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