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The Cappel Team (Dennis and Cindy) have enabled me to achieve a life long bucket list/dream – namely to become a better rider, increase my understanding of working with horses and learning more about Horsemanship. Dennis is very generous with his time and excellent in answering any and all questions in a supportive and patient manner. He is great at explaining the “WHY” of some subtle nuance related to riding whereas other trainers I have worked with just tend to bark out a command with no explanation as to answering the WHY. I am impressed in the level of patience he has in working with me as I try to hone my riding skills and yet continue to make mistakes – he always frames the conversation in a patient and understanding manner. I always feel safe at the Cappel facility – despite the fact that we are working with large animals – he is always present when mounting or unmounting a horse as well as working with a horse in a round pen or other confined space. Dennis and Cindy both work well together in supporting my goals and expectations. Cindy and Dennis are both very decent, honest and down to earth people with no pretenses to get in the way of me attaining my goals which is so appreciated. They both do a good job in helping me define expectations and helping me set some realistic interim goals that are achievable with their guidance and support.

Kevin Jones

Dennis spent time with my mare, softening her, giving her clearer directions that I was unable to accomplish as I am just getting back into riding. I have taken her on several trail rides over the last year. Some of them very challenging and I had to be very brave at times. But after Dennis worked with my mare; I most recently took her with a group of friends to trail ride for the weekend. With a softer feel I was able to accomplish a safe ride, but most importantly without as much fear. Because of her willingness to follow what Dennis had instilled in her I was able to feel more confident riding her. I think it not only helped that she knew what I was asking but I really can’t explain how much it helped me to watch Dennis ride her while she was with him and training and the confidence it gave me to see that it would be OK to trust us. I know this is only the first of many rides I will have with her this summer and the peace it brings to be able to do this is immeasurable. Thank you so much Dennis.”

Pat Slodkowski

Things are going very good. I have been riding Hickory at least three times a week since I brought him home from the 60 days of training with you and he is much better. I always do groundwork first. When working with him making the correct thing easy and the wrong thing difficult is the best way to deal with Hickory, but I’m sure that goes for all horses. Thanks for all of your help and expertise. My son went with me the other day and watched me ride and was surprised how much better Hickory was. I hope everything is going good with you and Dennis.

Cathy Godar

We have had 3 horses in training with Dennis and all home now, their  all doing great! “Cowboy” still exceeds my expectation. He’s really a good ride outside and also in the arenas. He’s been doing more lessons and using his brain lol.
“Farrah” has only been ridden like 2x and done well.
And we’re super happy with “Georgie”!! I love that big girl. My husband rode her yesterday out in the park with us and she was amazing. Lead, follow turn stop, everything great. Ive ridden her a few times in the arena too!

So so glad we found you guys!! ( Cappel Training & Shoeing) It’s definitely help my family so much. With our limited time to ride it definitely makes the riding more enjoyable.

The Odell’s

This was a horse Dennis worked on for me. I took him to big creek trail ride and it was a great ride. He rode like he had been there several times. My horse had several things to work on but it didn’t take Dennis long to figure it out. I would recommend him highly.

I rode cash for the first time today since he’s been home. I had a great time on him! He was calm relaxed I was able to side pass to the gate with some work of course lol.

But easier open it and take him out of the pen and into the field and felt completely comfortable with him. I without a doubt will send my other one to Dennis when I’m ready at some point. I want to thank you guys again for everything. I’m more than happy with what I have back and am so happy with you and Dennis the communication, the patience and dedication. Thank you both! I will recommend you guys to anyone!